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Guided Tours

Discover the treasures of Golden Bay

The biggest challenge for your Golden Bay visit will be to capture all our nature treasures in only a couple of days…

To achieve this, we have designed four custom-made experiences that are covering all our top attractions. So please forget about time frames, lunch opportunities, tide tables or a tangle of possibilities. We did all that prospection work for you and have used our local knowledge to create the best possible Golden Bay experience for you.

We will take care of all the reservation work so you can enjoy every second of your stay and won’t miss out on any beauty of our Bay. We brought all the treasures of our forests and the tropical feelings of our golden beaches together in wonderful experiences allowing you to play, walk and explore at leisure. Experienced guides will highlight you the connections between history and culture, bird life and flora.

Our Bay Photo Tour & Fly/Walk Abel Tasman Experience are the best illustrations of the incredible nature surrounding us. These tours are exclusively designed for our lodge guests with your specific interests and fitness level always in mind.

To be sure about availability, please book these guided tour options together with your accommodation. If unfavorable weather or unexpected plan changes cause the booking to be modified or cancelled, no costs will be charged.

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