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Day 2

The beauty of the wild West Coast!

If you opted for our All Inclusive Package you will start your day with a delicious breakfast hamper delivered to your Suite. Shortly afterwards we will invite you to our lounge where a small buffet will be waiting for you to create your own luxury lunchbox. If your meals are not included, you can prepare your own breakfast & lunchbox by using the tea and coffee facilities in your Suite and in our guest kitchenette.

At 9.00am we will leave our lodge for the easiest part of the day: the scenic drive from Pohara Beach to the entry of the world-famous nature reserve of Farewell Spit. This is the largest sand dune in the world, 26km long, and one of the best examples of dynamic dune landscapes in the world. The scenery is ever changing and unique but can also be a bit challenging… There must have been a good reason for Sir Edmund Hillary to choose this wild place on earth in preparation for his Antarctic expedition…

But with the famous ‘Yes we can’ Kiwi mentality there is really nothing to worry about. The beauty of the sand formations will trigger your smartphone/camera so many times that you quickly forget all the hard work in the soft sand to reach the top of the sand dunes. The award is a desert like landscape that is unique in the world!

For those not looking forward to the challenge with the wind and possible West Coast rain, we have created several shorter options to make this a more relaxing walking day. More time to soak up the special sceneries or to do some amazing birdwatching. At the Spit the tide recedes seven kilometers and therefore attracts more than 90 seabird species from all around the world. A true paradise for birdwatchers!

The determined walker will need to overcome many rolling hills before reaching the magical place of Wharariki Beach. Ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, this is no doubt a real ‘Must-See’ attraction. Seal puppies may welcome you to their private beach but the real magical touch to this place lies in the wild sea and the Archway Islands that even caught the attention of Bill Gates as the perfect screensaver for Windows 10…
A last uphill effort brings you into an almost Scottish landscape where many woollies will guide you to our pick-up point at the end of the track. A first milestone that really deserves a celebration!

One we like to share with you with ambiance and lovely local cuisine in the most famous bush café of Golden Bay: The Mussel Inn. A fresh Captain Cooker pint and a healthy evening meal will surely give us a boost for our next walking day!

Once back in the Lodge there is still our wonderful outdoor massage bath waiting for you… At 39 degrees Celsius it is almost irresistible to relax your muscles or admire the wonderful starry sky of the South! And it is your best guarantee for a wonderful sleep and a fresh start of another exciting walking day!

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