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Day 4

Congratulations: You are now an official ‘Bay Walker’!

Today it might be a bit harder to make it out of your bed, but no worries: we will lend a hand by sending the smell of freshly brewed coffee & oven warm bread into the direction of your Suite.

Bet it will help you getting out to make it in time for our gourmet breakfast buffet (All Inclusive Package). This will be served in our panoramic breakfast room at 8.30am and is a real festival of food, but also the perfect opportunity to share our wonderful walking memories while trying out all the goodies Golden Bay has on offer.

A short slideshow will surely bring back wonderful memories and leads us to ‘Le moment supreme’ for today: the official certification of your Bay Walk.

After our ‘Graduation Ceremony’, you are now officially one of our ‘Bay Walkers’. But with rights also come obligations… As you will need to get inspired for writing down your walking experience on one of our memorial stones. Your own ‘milestone’ in our entrance hall will keep your personal adventure alive for ever and will impress many friends or family members trying to follow your footsteps.

For all good reasons we arranged a late Suite checkout (11.00am) for our Walking Special, what allows you enjoying our Lodge facilities a bit longer. Something you will not regret!

Fortunately, for those who booked our All Inclusive Package, the best is yet to come with a pampering relaxation & therapeutic massage in our local Health Spa.

Revitalised and ten years younger… we will shuttle you to arty Takaka for a visit to the colourful village centre and a last fancy meal in one of our famous cafés such as The Roots Bar, Wholemeal Café or even… The Dangerous Kitchen. Now you have survived all our Golden Bay challenges, we say goodbye one last time at Takaka Airport where you will board our scenic flight to Nelson to admire all the beauty of The Bay Walk from the air. A Diamond Experience that is worth every extra dollar!

For all others Midday it is also the heartbreaking time of saying goodbye to the Lodge and Pohara but with the firm promise to be back one day!

You also like to join us for this unforgettable walking adventure? We are surely looking forward meeting you at The Bay Lodge in Pohara! Ka tutaki ano!

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